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2016 Live Music Schedule

If you're interested in performing for the Sparwood Market,

please click here to fill out our online Application Form!

July 8th 4pm-7pm

The first Market of the season!  


Thar Be Dragons will be kicking off the Market live tonight!  

July 15th 4pm-7pm

Please welcome Tom Bungay 'East West Connection'!

July 22nd 4pm-7pm

Tonight we have the talented Blue Tansy girls playing for us!

July 29th 4pm-7pm

August 5th 4pm-7pm

Jamie Neve will be playing live for us tonight!

August 12th 4pm-7pm

We have the awesome girl duo, Blue Tansy playing for us tonght!

August 19th 4pm-7pm

Welcome back Ferdy Belland and his wife Erin Dalton to the Market tonight!

August 26th 4pm-7pm

Thar Be Dragons is back and will be treating us to an evening of acoustic guitar.  

September 2nd 4pm-7pm

Bryce Gorman is playing live for us tonight!

September 9th 4pm-7pm

Welcome Divided Society!  Watch them play live tonight!

September 16th 4pm-7pm

Come join us for Music The Park!

Tonight we have The Burn Ins playing live! Over the last few years they have toured though Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and made a few trips down to Nashville. In 2013 they survived a 3 month non-stop tour through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska, and British Columbia, and even an incredible 3 weeks in Japan. 

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