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Vendor Policies
           1.  Make It. Bake It. Grow It.
           2.  $20 per Market every Friday
        3.  Set Up Time is 2:30pm
           4.  Read the detailed Rules and Regs Below
     5.  Click Here!  


The Sparwood Market provides a dynamic opportunity for the sale of local produce, food products, and artisan crafts in hopes to enhance and strengthen the economy and community well-being within Sparwood, BC. We welcome vendors from the Elk Valley Region and surrounding areas to join us!



The Market runs every Friday at 4pm until 7pm, July to September, rain or shine. Once the Online Application Form is submitted and reviewed by the market, you will be notified by the Market Manager.   



  • It is $20 for a 10'x10' space, per vendor, per market.

  • We have implemented a deposit to guarantee vendors places due to too many vendors signing up for a market and then failing to show with no prior communication. We will require a deposit of $20/market up to a maximum of $60 (3 markets) for vendors choosing not to prepay. This deposit can be paid by E-mail Money Transfer (EMT) and will go towards your vendor fees for the last 1-3 markets attended (depending on how many you sign up for). The Market Manager can give you more information once your application is received.  

  • For vendors choosing to prepay: pay for 5 markets, attend your 6th one free; pay for 10 markets, attend your 11th free. You can prepay by EMT with instructions from the Market Manager once your application is received.  


  • Vendors are provided space for a 10’ x 10’ tent.

  • There is an additional $10 fee for a Vendor requiring an additional 10' x '10 space. 

  • Vendors must provide their own tents, tables and chairs.

  • The Market Manager will assign the site location to each Vendor each week.

  • Regular Vendors will be assigned the same site location during the season.

  • The Market Manager reserves the right to re-assign stalls at their discretion.

  • Tents must be safely secured without the use of tent pegs.  Weights, bricks and gallon milk jugs filled with water can be used instead. 

  • If a vendor has forgotten their weights, they will be asked to take their tent down.

  • Vendors are strongly encouraged to use banners and sandwich boards for advertising.  



  • Set Up Time is 2:30pm.  

  • There is vehicle access to Titan Park for loading and unloading.

  • Vendors arriving late will not have vehicle access for unloading and must carry in their tents, tables and products, and may be re-assigned to a different location.

  • Vehicles must be removed from Titan Park by 3:30pm.  

  • DRIVE SLOWLY and be cautious while loading and unloading.  The Titan is a tourist site and is very busy. 

  • All vendors must be in attendance and remain set up-for the full duration of the Market

  • Take Down Time is 6:30pm and Vendors must be off the property by 7:00pm

  • Vendors must park across the street, at the mall, once they are done unloading their vehicle.



  • Food Vendors must abide by all government health and safety regulations as outlined in the publication Guidelines for the Sale of Food at Temporary Food Markets, published by the Interior Health Authority (IHA).

  • Food Vendors can email for a Temporary Food Permit or High Risk Farmers Market Application or call 250-420-2220.

  • Alberta Vendors must contact Patricia Rock directly at 250-420-2220.

  • All mobile food service units (Food Trucks) are required to have a IHA permit.

  • Sellers of High-Risk Foods must provide a copy of their IHA Permit to Operate.

  • Sellers of Low-Risk Foods must provide copies of pH test results if required. 

  • Sellers of Meat Products must provide a High Risk Farmers Market letter signed by an Environmental Health Officer - Patricia Rock.

  • Application To Operate A Temporary Food Service



  • There is a reduced fee of $10 for Not-For-Profit and Fundraising Groups.

  • Fees are waived for Youth Vendors 16 years and younger.

  • Registered, Not-For-Profit Societies, Fundraising Groups and Youth Vendors must submit the same Online Application.

  • Partisan groups are not permitted.   



  • Vendors are encouraged to reduce the use of single use disposable packaging and replace them with eco-friendly products.



  • Applications must be submitted using the online Vendor Application Form 

  • The applicant agrees that by submitting the Sparwood Market Vendor Application Form, they have read the Rules & Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

  • The Vendor agrees that they will not hold the District of Sparwood, the Sparwood Farmers Market Society, the Sparwood Chamber of Commerce or their officers, directors, members and/or employees responsible for any loss or damage, however incurred. 


  • Please be aware that Sparwood Market will hold some special event markets throughout the summer. Some of these require a different location for just those events. The Market Manager will let any vendor signing up for special event markets know ahead of time and give instructions to get to the alternate location.

  • The alternate location is near the Sparwood Recreation Center, in Lions Park. It is easy to access and is only about 1 minute down the hill from our current home.



  • Conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner towards the public and all market participants;

  • Refrain from any behaviour that interferes with the rights or working/selling opportunities of other vendors;

  • Refrain from using language which is offensive, threatening or intimidating to others;

  • Not participate in the market under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • Operate vehicles or equipment in a safe and responsible manner;

  • Respect and adhere to the Rules and Regulations established by the Sparwood Market.


Failure to comply with any component of the The Rules and Regulations or The Code of Conduct will result in expulsion from The Sparwood Market.








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