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Sparwood Seed Swap

What’s in a seed? A seed contains the wisdom of nature. It is the blueprint for life. It is a compact capsule that contains infinite generations of flowers for bees, food for people and beauty for the spirit.


A seed is a small and powerful thing.

Seeds are forever! Growing plants and saving their seeds empowers people to own our food security. It is a way to preserve the beauty and biodiversity of heritage types of food and flowers. The vision of Seed Swap Sparwood is to share the powerful gift of seeds.


What can seed-sharing do for Sparwood?


Imagine connecting with people to access free or inexpensive plants, sharing gardening wisdom and working together to combat hunger! Imagine growing a row for the food bank to share fresh, local produce! Imagine learning about heirloom perennials from local seniors and teaching children how to plant!

Sparwood Seed Swap is a community-driven initiative that goes well beyond environmental action, food security and poverty reduction. Sparwood Seed Swap is an inclusive community that helps our community flourish in many ways.


We are a network of Sparwood people who share, learn and grow together.

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