Covid-19 Guidelines and Procedures

The Board, Staff and Vendors are dedicated to adhering to the health and safety standards set forth by the Government of British Columbia while still bringing home made, home baked and home grown to the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or message us on Facebook. 

Guest Information:

  • Do not come to the market if you are feeling unwell or have been around someone who is unwell.

  • Please be aware of and pay attention to entry and exit point signs, general information signs, vendors signs, and line up spacing markings.

  • Please comply with one-way foot traffic. 

  • Maintain social distancing of 2m/6'.

  • Shop with a purpose. Please do not stop to chat with friends. Picnic tables will be closed.

  • Ask for assistance from vendors when placing your order. Please refrain from touching the products.

  • Use the hand sanitizer supplied at the entry and exit points.

  • Please try to limit to 1 shopper per household whenever possible.

  • Wash all produce before consuming.

  • Entry and exit points will be monitored and entry limited to keep numbers within the allowed square footage occupancy. 

Vendor Information:

  • Please have a maximum of 2 people at your booth as we have to limit numbers in the park.

  • Food samples are no longer permitted.

  • Prepared food must be in singe use, closed take-away containers or behind sneeze guards.

  • Masks and gloves may be used but will not be supplied. Single use items must go into the garbage can when you are finished using them.

  • Vendors will be responsible for cleaning/disinfecting high touch areas at their table.

  • If possible, please consider looking into a platform for hands free card payments (such as Square) or a way to separate handling product and cash.

  • Please control your product as much as possible by asking patrons to ask for assistance to minimize product handling.

  • If a guest has a reusable bag please allow them to fill it once the transaction has been concluded.

  • There will be larger aisles and bigger spaces between vendors to allow for adequate social distancing.