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Speaker & Workshop Tent

The Sparwood Farmers Market is looking for people to host a workshop or presentation, adding another community engaging element to the Market.

If you are interested, please read on!


Please review our Rules & Regulations and Code of Conduct before filling out our  Vendor Application Form.




The Sparwood Farmer market is extremely grateful to have you as one of our volunteer presenters. We value your time and commitment, and we look forward to your visit to our market, and mostly importantly your presentation/workshop.


Our market runs on Friday evenings from 4-8pm in Titan Park beside the Sparwood Chamber of Commerce. You should plan on arriving between 3:30-3:45pm to setup and prepare for your presentation/workshop to start promptly at 4:00pm. This will give you time to check out any equipment issues you may need for your presentation.


The following guidelines are intended to help in preparing your presentation/workshop:


  • Market goers respond positively to engaging speakers who present a topic of informational, educational, motivational, or entertainment value that will be of interest to all market goers.

  • Guest speaker must give the Sparwood Farmers Market board a brief overview of what they intend to present. The Sparwood Farmers Market reserves the right to approve/disapprove presentation/workshop content prior to the presentation date.

  • When planning your program, please plan on a minimum of 30 minutes for your presentation/workshop. You are welcomed and encouraged to stay afterwards to answer any additional questions and enjoy the rest of the market.

  • To respect our other guest speakers and entertainers, we ask that you limit your presentation/workshop to a maximum of 60 minutes.

  • The Sparwood Farmers Market will provide you with one, 10’x10’ tent IF requested prior to the market. You are responsible for the setup and take down of said tent. Any damage will incur a one-time payment of $150.00 payable to the Sparwood Farmers Market Society.

  • You must provide your own table, chair(s), sound equipment, and display if required.


Additionally, we strongly recommend that our guest speakers abide by the following:


  • All presentations/workshops should refrain from promoting a specific business, its services or products, and there should be no solicitation for financial or in-kind donation, or a request to purchase products or services. It is acceptable to talk about your business/organization or its services; but it is not ok to make a “sales pitch” or directly solicit donations.

  • Personal political or religious messages are not permitted.

  • Presentations/workshops must be relevant to the farmers market, community, or natural environment which will provide an educational, informational, motivational, or entertainment value.

  • Presentations/workshops regarding third party businesses (ie:  Scentsy, Avon, Tupperware, etc) are not permitted at any time.  

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